Metalsmith Magazine, Vol 39, 2019
Learning From Atlanta

Hyperallergic, April 25, 2018
Never-Seen-Before James Castle Drawings Found Inside the Walls of Artist’s House

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Episode 459

New York Times, April 18, 2018
Hidden Stash of Valuable Drawings Found in Walls of Artist’s Home

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Outsider Artist James Castle Left a Treasure Trove of Works Hidden in the Walls of His House

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The Legacy of James Castle: The Man, the Mystery, The House and Now the Landmark

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Viewpoint: Change and growth at Zoo Boise; James Castle House

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Creators, Makers, and Doers: James Castle House

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The Art of James Castle, Created With Spit, Scraps, and Soot

Boise State Public Radio, July 28, 2017
After Snow Damage, Preservationists Work To Restore Historic Building In Rural Idaho

Boise State Public Radio, June 14, 2017
Boise Takes Next Step On James Castle House

KTVB, June 13, 2017
Boise breaks ground on $900K renovation of artist's home

Idaho Statesman, April 2, 2017
Fundraisers will help Atlanta residents stabilize buildings crushed by heavy winter snow

Idaho Public Television, Outdoor Idaho, March 10, 2017
Where the Road Ends: Atlanta

National Trust For Historic Preservation, March 2, 2017
Heavy Snows Damage Multiple Historic Buildings in Idaho, Oregon

Idaho Statesman, February 6, 2017
Heavy snow crushes roof of largest building in remote Atlanta, Idaho

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Boise gets missing piece to complete artist James Castle’s homesite

Idaho Statesman, June 19, 2016
5 questions about the future of James Castle’s Boise homesite

Sunset Magazine, Summer 2015
13 Summer Camps For Adults

Idaho Statesman, July 29, 2015
Neighborhood meeting helps spread the news about the James Castle homesite

Idaho Statesman, June 29, 2015
City will buy artist James Castle’s home in West Boise

Sunset Magazine, Summer 2015
13 Summer Camps For Adults

Boise State Public Radio, September 12, 2014
Artist Workshop In Historic Atlanta, Idaho Is All About Self Expression

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All Over the Map Sesqui-Shop: exhibit shows how the City of Boise found its way

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Good Vibes: Boise's Sesqui-Shop looks at the city's musical history

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Celebrate Boise's Sesquicentennial at the Sesqui-Shop Boise 150 headquarters hosts First Thursday events

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Searching For Quartzburg: Documenting Idaho's dreamers, visionaries, eccentrics and hermits

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A Meeting of Mends The Mend Project teaches craft through creation and donation