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Artist Lives

Rachel Reichert
Writer, researcher

Exploring the lives and interior spaces of metalsmiths and jewelers.

Artists Lives (working title) is an honest look at the details surrounding the life of an artist, digging deep into the personal collections, rituals, spaces, predilections, philosophy, and struggles, exposing a backdrop to the creative impulse. It goes beyond the artwork to see the person, lived experiences, desires, ideas, spaces, and artwork, as one. 

Part archive, part research, and part essay, Artist Lives is a project of Studio Reichert investigating the world inside and outside of the studio. Focusing on metalsmiths or jewelers, this project studies the interior life of an artist and how it informs their work. It explores towns, homes, and studios for a better understanding of how geography and architecture inform the creative process. It excavates the objects and ideas to better understand the link between Artist and artwork. It begins to uncover how metalsmiths and jewelers fit in the broader discussion of 21st-century art and craft, focusing on artists from all career levels, economic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds. Through this project, we gain a better sense of the creative instinct and glimpse into the future of this unique pursuit.

Cocreate this story with us. Share your spaces, ideas, experiences, and more to help bring into focus this unique discipline.

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